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I believe strongly that we can make the world better when we focus on helping families thrive.


Due to my family's recent relocation to Columbia, Maryland, I am no longer accepting clients in Missouri. Do not hesitate to contact me for a referral. 

For families in the Columbia, Baltimore, D.C area, I am pleased to be offering services at Collaborative Counseling Center in Columbia, Maryland. Please visit the website HERE.

Parent Education and Coaching

My best parenting advice? Don't listen to anyone's unsolicited advice! 

Instead, seek out high quality information. Ask for help early and often, and don't be ashamed to seek out tools to help you and your family thrive.

Parent education and coaching is intended to be short-term, skill-based support to help you feel confident, positive, and empowered as a parent. 



Consulting services are designed for educators, mental health professionals, the medical community, and community organizations or groups of any kind. 

From professional development seminars to classroom observations, my support is intended to help adults cultivate the skills, tools, information, and support in order to help children and families thrive.

New Mom + Lactation Support

We wrongly assume that women who want to be a mother will have a pleasant experience as they become a parent and we also wrongly assume that women who want to breastfeed their baby will naturally know how. 

In reality, becoming a parent can be an extremely difficult experience for a variety of reasons. Whether you have specific questions about breastfeeding, are feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, or need guidance in another way, I am here to provide support.

Instead of acting like needing guidance in motherhood is a sign of weakness, or something "clinical," let me use my unique skill set as a Certified Lactation Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker to be there for you. Let's work together and figure out what you need to make this journey joyful for you, whether that's learning how to breastfeed comfortably, answering your questions about all-things baby and bonding, or just walking through ways to care for yourself and your baby. 

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