My mission is to help families thrive. Mostly, I work at that mission by working directly with families and educators but I've added another element that feels to fit right in on a different level: Beautycounter.


My typical clients don't always know about the lifestyle choices that, to me, exemplify my approach to humans and the earth that I am so passionate about and dedicated to. Working with Beautycounter is a way for my to bring some of those lifestyle choices to the work that I already do. I believe that living a life with as little harm to others and the earth is essential in creating a better future and a WORLD that thrives.

Beautycounter is all about bringing safer products into the lives of everyone. The products are all made without the use of many, surprisingly common, ingredients that are shown to be hazardous to humans and the environment. 


Although I personally grew up in a mostly "non toxic" environment (on an organic vegetable farm), it’s really taken me until adulthood, and motherhood, to feel confident owning and embracing my values around clean, non-toxic products. Beautycounter has helped me take that final step of removing toxic products from our home.


I remember a moment right before being introduced to Beautycounter, I noticed a shimmer on my newborn son’s cheek from my makeup and thought to myself, “I can’t wear this stuff anymore.” A week or two later, I attended a Beautycounter social and it was exactly what I needed to make that switch once and for all. I fell in love with Beautycounter products because of how they perform, what they’re made without, and the mission behind the brand. I’m excited for the opportunity to give more families the chance to become part of everything Beautycounter has to offer.    

You can learn much, much more about the mission of Beautycounter and all the work they are doing to change the beauty industry by visiting the website here.

Besides the opportunity to reduce toxicity in your own home and care for yourself well, Beautycounter can also be a wonderful business opportunity.

Joining the mission as a consultant is a perfect fit for many mothers (or ANY person) who may want to work from home, on their own time, in their own way all while supporting a cause that benefits everyone. I personally didn't expect that getting involved with Beautycounter would also connect me to a supportive, inspiring team of like minded women. If any of that sounds appealing to you, lets talk more!

If you're interested in the business opportunity that Beautycounter has to offer, I am happy to talk with you further. Contact me directly to discuss this opportunity for you by emailing me here.