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Your Parent Toolkit

I love studying all the various parenting approaches, reading books and articles, and growing my clinical toolkit to help families. I recently furthered my education with a Post-Masters program at Washington University in St Louis on Parenting and Family Strengthening Approaches to Enhance Child Well-Being and learned even more about best practices and tools for parents. But the greatest takeaway for me time and time again? That, at the very core, all the best information out there to help parents raise children who thrive revolves around a few fundamental ideas: -Being responsive to your child’s needs is essential. -All forms of discipline and behavioral modification must be applied within the context of a healthy parent-child relationship. -Parents must practice some kind of self care in order to have the capacity to be loving and responsive caregivers. -We must acknowledge how stress and lack of support make parenting especially hard. Many approaches, articles, and books revolve around these ideas in some way or another. But, I find that sometimes information can be contradictory or just not suited for every family or every specific child. Many times, information gets over generalized or gets taken out of context and that can be very misleading. I see how hard and overwhelming it can be for parents to navigate all the information that exists out there (plus all the messages we get from friends and family) and get the action steps that their family truly needs. I want to help families build a personalized toolkit that is specific to their family. Together, we’ll discover what would be most helpful to you and your family. We may pull from just one amazing best-practice or we may tailor a plan that is built on dozens of different approaches. I want to help families become informed and confident, and able to approach parenting with tools that will help their family thrive. To give families a little taste of some of the books and resources I most love, I’ll create another post with some of those. For more information or to schedule a session to start work on your family’s customized support toolkit, email me at

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