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Book Review: Bounce Back Parenting

I want to begin posting a few book reviews each week and I'm starting with a new book, Bounce Back Parenting by an awesome writer, Alissa Marquess.

This book caught my attention because I love the growth mindset towards parenting that it promotes as well as the emphasis on connection.

Some takeaways from this book that I liked the most are:

- Fill your mind with positive messages (this is both promoting a helpful growth mindset and also treating yourself with compassion). One message that Alissa shares that I love is: "This used to work for us, or I thought this would work for us, but now it doesn't. I can make a change when things aren't working (p. 12)."

This is such a powerful and important message because it's so easy to get caught up in our expectations and ideas of "should" and "should not". When we release ourselves from those harmful constraints, we can open ourselves up to be compassionate to ourselves and also just enjoy parenting more.

-Connection, connection, connection. I love a book that focuses on connection because I believe so strongly in the benefits of connecting meaningfully with our children (connection = thriving children!). Alissa shares so many great ideas for connection and breaks it down in a really straight-forward and do-able way. One of my favorite things she shares is the idea of using daily rituals as connection. So, instead of adding something new into your already-busy day, just reframe something to make it a meaningful way to connect. For example, use mealtimes as a way to be fully present and converse with your child (consciously turn your body and face towards them when you are conversing and limit distractions). It may sound silly but I actually practice this with my little guy, and I have since he could sit in his high chair! He doesn't talk back but we are still communicating in an important way.

-The last thing I'll share about this book is something simple but wonderful. It's the idea of "bite sized self-care". It's a perfect way to describe the idea of taking little steps to treat yourself well. It's also about mindset--we need to be in the practice of letting little things feel good. Let yourself take care of yourself and practice reframing what does qualify as "self-care." One of Alissa's ideas is as simple as turning on a song you love. Yes!

So, that's it for this book review and I hope you all get a sense of some of what this book has to offer and made gained a new idea. There is SO much more packed into this book and I really did enjoy reading it. I want to mention that it also includes a lot of fun prompts to write inside so it's also sort of a self-care journal.

Any books you've heard about that you want me to review??

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