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Spring Scavenger Hunt

When we had a brand new baby and the world closed due to the pandemic, we did our best to maintain routine and create an enriching and fun life for our little boys. One way I did that was, every single day, we went for a walk. I wish I had recorded just how many miles our double Bob carried those little guys around our neighborhood (and far beyond, to be honest). Along the way, my then-3-year-old and I would talk about anything and everything we saw. I Spy gradually became these picture-guided scavenger hunts. I'd find pictures, add them to a simple document, print them into a little book or onto a piece of paper, hand over a marker, and we'd explore the streets looking for the things and finding so, so much more.

So, scavenger hunts have a special place in my heart from those memories of early mom-of-two and pandemic life days. The ritual of our walks made those days seem good. It gave our shattered routine a new breath of air and something we could all count on in a time of extreme uncertainty.

The scavenger hunts allowed us to learn much more than I originally realized (and they continue to). We learned to notice things we may have otherwise overlooked, we embraced curiosity, we grew curious and creative, and we found so much joy in working together--being a little team. And of course, these scavenger hunts are wonderful for supporting language, math, and earth sciences, as well as my focus: social and emotional development. We practice cooperating and working as a team, perseverance and creative problem-solving, and even a little frustration tolerance when no one seems to be able to spot an especially tricky one, we get a little hungry, or the weather turns on us :)

Download the PDF below and enjoy! Share with anyone you think would enjoy and let me know if you enjoy and I'll post more.

Spring scavenger hunt (1)
Download PDF • 10.01MB

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