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Lactation and New Mom Support: Service


Everything from educator training, to classroom observations or needs assessments, my consulting services are intended to help educators and administrators, organizations and institutions, and anyone working alongside parents and children to gain the necessary skills, tools, and support, to be effective and confident caring for and educating children.  


We know with empirical certainty that humans reach their fullest potential, live their healthiest lives, and feel their best when they begin life with nurturing care and have opportunity to continue to develop strong social and emotional foundation through early childhood. Sadly, we find that those responsible for caring for and educating our nation's youngest lack the tools, training, or support necessary to truly foster the kinds of experiences children need and deserve in childhood.

Consulting is a way to ensure that those responsible for caring for and educating children have everything it takes to provide nurturing care and optimal social and emotional support to help children thrive. 

My approach is unique in that I do not prescribe to any singular approach and, instead, make it my mission to constantly incorporate research-informed, evidence-based approaches and tools into my work. I draw from the work and research of experts in the fields of Anthropology, Biology, Cognitive Science, Developmental Psychopathology, Neuroscience, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology, and Systems Theory. 

Please see my "About" page for more information about my approaches, training, and contact me directly with any questions or to see if we could work together. Contact me here.

Examples of Professional Development Topics

  • Tools for Responding to Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom 

  • Promoting Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Through Play

  • Promoting Emotion Regulation Skills in Early Childhood Settings

  • It's Personal: How Relationships Impact Behavior

  • Using Strength-Based Language in Parent Communication

  • Alternatives to Time Outs and Punitive Discipline

  • Strategies for Building Connection in Early Childhood

  • Understanding Your Child's Emotional Development

  • Determining "Appropriate" versus "Clinical" behavior

  • Strategies for Creating Environments Where Children Thrive

  • The Power of Play

  • Beyond the Books: What is Going to Work For You? 

  • Red, Yellow, Green: How to Teach Emotion Regulation to Children

  • Bubbles, Pinwheels, and Flowers: Strategies to Promote Deep Breathing

  • What Every Caregiver Needs to Know About Nurturing Care


Customized Curriculum, Programs, and Initiatives

I am thrilled to offer a variety of customized services to support organizations and schools in the development of new, or enhancement of current, programs. Perhaps your Early Childhood Center wants to begin a new social-emotional curriculum, maybe your religious organization wants to cater to the earliest learners and their families, or maybe your child's school needs a protocol for responding to unkind behavior or adjusting classroom settings to attend to different learning styles. Maybe your work place needs an initiative to support breastfeeding mothers, or wants to have tools to support the mental and emotional health of parents and their children.

My work is informed by a variety of research-based approaches such as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Conscious Discipline, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Parenting Program, Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, Parent Management Training, and more.  

We can work together to enhance what you already do well. 

Seminars, Guest Speaking, and Customized Trainings

My passion and goal is to help adults help children thrive. As simple and as complicated as that!

I would love to be a speaker at your next parenting group, speak at your congregation, come to your place of employment, or anywhere else where adults are tuned-in and ready to learn about how to best support the well-being of children.


It would be my pleasure to brainstorm with you or answer any specific questions you may have. Contact me by emailing me here.


Trainings for Health Care Professionals

If you work with new parents or young children, I am able to create customized trainings for you, or you entire team or organization. Learn to recognize warning signs  of postpartum mood disorders, signs of child maltreatment, or just enhance your understanding of mental health and social/emotional development in the patients you serve. 

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