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Child Counseling

No one wants to watch their child face challenges or suffer. Counseling for children is meant to help your child and your whole family thrive. Whether your child just needs someone to confide in, skills and tools to help them grow and cope, or intervention to help them face their challenges, counseling can help your entire family.

Some examples of reasons parents seek counseling for child are:

-Depression or social withdrawal

-Anxiety and fears

-Peer Interaction

-Tools to express themselves in prosocial ways

-Coping skills 

-To develop a more positive sense of self

-To gain social skills, confidence, or an assertive voice

-To prepare for the start of school, a new grade, or another life transition

-Parent-child interaction

-Sibling challenges

-Medical issues, a death in the family, or another hardship within the family

-Experiencing trauma or traumatic life events

A Note About Parent Engagement in Child Therapy:

It is a gift to any child to get to work with a therapist. I have seen great growth and healing for children in therapeutic relationships. However, most often, I see that children would benefit even more when their parents are also playing an active role in the therapy process, whether that means making the time to participate in some parts of a session or just trying some new things at home. Because I work primarily with young children, I do ask that parents feel comfortable with the idea of participating to some extent. Sometimes, it's best for the child when the parents come in for support. If that seems like a better fit, see my Parent Education and Support Services HERE.

What Would Therapy For My Child Look Like?

It usually looks like a lot of fun! Children can expect to make art, be active, and play games during therapy. Children process feelings, learn and practice new skills, and express themselves best through these means.  While some children may come to therapy to discuss difficult experiences or to learn skills that are a challenge for them, the goal is for them to enjoy the process, even when it's hard. Therapy with me shouldn't feel like a punishment. 

How Should We Start?

Just shoot me an email HERE

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