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New Mom Support

For children to get what they need, mothers need to have what they need. My services are designed to give mothers the support they need to be happy, healthy people and mothers. 

New Mom Support is a personalized, therapeutic, and evidence-based service for mothers who are looking to enhance their motherhood experience. 


Are you currently pregnant and worrying about how life will be once baby comes? 

Are you a new mom and feeling down, anxious, or curious about how to best bond with your baby? Do you want to be prepared to raise a kind and resilient child?

Are you reading all of the parenting books or feeling too overwhelmed to even begin one? 

Maybe you just have a few questions and you want unbiased and research-based answers.

As a mother myself, I know how overwhelming it can all feel.

Did you have childhood experiences you want to shift away from as you become a parent yourself?

I offer one-on-one or small groups for parents to get the answers and support they need. Instead of traditional therapy, we can meet anywhere and each session stands on its own. Sessions are customized to what you need.

Lactation Support Services

Every mother deserves the right to make a choice about whether or not to breastfeed their baby. However, too many parents lack the support and information that they need to find success in breastfeeding. My goal is to work with parents so that they are set up for comfortable, confident, and can meet their specific breastfeeding hopes and desires.  I approach all lactation support services with a holistic lens to attend to both the lactation needs of baby and mother as well as the emotional needs of parents.


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Lactation Counselor, I am prepared to attend to breastfeeding journey as well as support your mental and emotional health, including things such as assessing for postpartum mood disorders and irregularities, work on anxieties and concerns, self-care practices and healing from past experiences, helping partners learn and grow with you, and anything else you may need to be a happy and healthy parent and person.

Comprehensive Prenatal Session

This one-on-one session is perfect for any parent who wants to gain the information they need to get off to a good start with breastfeeding. We'll discuss any prior experience with breastfeeding, breastfeeding goals and how to reach them, how supply works and bust common myths and misconceptions. We will take time to make sure parents get their questions answered and are able to express any concerns around the welcome of their baby. 

All sessions are individualized and include follow up support.

$220/2 hour session accompanied by an individualized document with a session summary + important information to guide your breastfeeding journey. 

*further support is discounted when a comprehensive prenatal session is scheduled. 

Comprehensive Postpartum Session

This service is meant for after the arrival of a new baby and is meant to respond to any of the breastfeeding needs of the parent(s) and baby. We can address latch and positioning to help mom breastfeed comfortably, discuss milk supply to ensure that baby is nourished and mom is confident, pumping, sleep and nutrition, what to expect in coming weeks, and so much more. Mothers will be able to ask questions and get the support she needs to feel good about breastfeeding as well as her transition into motherhood (for the first time, or again).

$220/2 hour session accompanied by individualized document that outlines the session and provides recommendations to help you reach your breastfeeding goals with confidence and comfort. 

*additional troubleshooting sessions are discounted with the purchase of a comprehensive session.  

Breastfeeding Prep and Troubleshoot Sessions

Do you have a question, pain, or confusion regarding breastfeeding? Have you already nursed one baby and want to be sure to get off to a good start this time around?
Maybe you are curious about returning to work and pumping, maintaining milk supply, what you can and cannot eat or drink while breastfeeding, if you baby is getting enough milk while nursing, among other things.

Mothers will receive the individualized support she needs as well as any further resources that may be helpful to her specific questions with a prep session or a troubleshoot session. I will come to your home, the hospital, or meet you in my Clayton office or my home in ladue. 

$80/1hr of in-person support. For a quick question via text, email, or phone please see my contact information below.



For any information about cost of services or billing, or any other questions, please email me here.

Are you looking for a guest for your small group, book club, or professional organization? Are you returning to work and looking for a new mom initiative to support mothers at your place of employment?  Learn more about additional consulting services, visit my consulting page here.

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