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Parent Education and Support

Going through a hard time with your little one? Want to give your child tools to thrive? These services are perfect for the family who needs some ideas and tools and is looking for quick but meaningful changes for their family. 

We know that the healthiest children have a secure, loving relationship with their parents. Furthermore, we know that parents do best when they understand child development and that children need consistent, predictable, age-appropriate boundaries and limits, and parents who have confidence in their appropriate, consistent, and successful discipline strategies. That's a LOT! 

In my practice, we address all of these areas in a quick, action-oriented, gentle way that aligns with each family's individual values and goals. We make sure we're focusing first and foremost on strengthening the secure and loving relationship you already have with your child (or desire to have) and then adding all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to help you, your child, and your whole family thrive through. 

If you are pregnant or a parent of a new baby, you can read more about services specifically designed for new moms here.

Is This Right For Us?

All parents could benefit from discussing their parenting and their child with a professional. Many of the families I work with are feeling frustrated with their child's behavior, disconnected or constantly at battle with their child, feeling concerned for their child, looking for effective discipline strategies, or just feel that they lack confidence when it comes to some of their parenting. Other families may seek services when they are worried or curious about their child's development, or have recently received a diagnosis for their child.

These reasons just scratch the surface--any reason is a good reason to seek support for the hardest job in the world!

The Process

We start with an hour long comprehensive session with the parent(s) where we jump right in with assessing your current challenges, strengths, and presenting issues. From there, we create a custom plan that could include further parent education and support, child counseling, family collaboration, or something else that fits your needs. 

In each session, families can expect customized recommendations to start using immediately in your home (many families choose to share these with their child's teachers or other caregivers as well).


My rate of $200 includes a 50-minute appointment, written follow-up recommendations (your toolkit), any necessary resources recommendations, and on-going communication as we decide together.

Have you ever thought...
"I wish I knew what to do when..."
"Is this normal??"
"I just want things to get better."
"I don't think what I'm doing is working anymore."

"I don't feel like I'm being the parent I want to be."
"Is my child ok?"
"I wish someone else would read all the books and just tell me what to do!"
"I feel like my child may have attention-deficit or focus issues, defiance, anxiety, severe picky eating, depression, etc..."
Or, "now what?" 

Approaches We Commonly Pull From:

  • Parent Management Training

  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

  • Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

  • Incredible Years

  • Collaborative Problem-Solving


As well as the work of Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Shefali, Alfie Kohn, Dr. Ross Greene, Rebecca Eanes, Magda Gerber (RIE), and many more.


Reasons Parents May Seek Support

  • Help with a defiant child

  • Setting limits and boundaries

  • Discipline strategies

  • Coping with and understanding a diagnosis

  • Mealtime struggles (behavior issues or picky eating)

  • Allergies and issues around eating

  • Changes that accompany the addition of a new child in the family

  • Help with the parent-child relationship

  • Child Development questions

  • Creating effective routines in your home

  • Helping a child with anxiety or fears

  • Tools to support a child with peer challenges (aggression, withdrawal, poor social skills)

  • Curiosity or help to determine a diagnosis

  • School-related challenges

  • Tools to help a child through a difficult experience

  • Much, more more

Support for Expecting and New Parents 

Parenting can be so hard. There is a lot of information and a lot of judgement out there.

This service is perfect for families who want to grow their parenting skills and develop tools and the knowledge they need to be the parents they want to be. We draw from best practices and research-based approaches to build your perfect parenting toolkit that aligns with your specific family values and goals. Parents can expect a one hour appointment followed by customized tools and action steps to use at home. 
Any parent or parenting unit is welcome to utilize this service. Have a friend who may like to join you? Special rates can be arranged for small parent groups.

Examples of Reasons to Seek Support:

  • Desire to learn and grow as a parent

  • To become aligned with your parenting partner

  • To discover and initiate a strong family culture

  • Developmental questions - "what is typical?" "what should we expect?"

  • Wanting to develop a strong and health parent-child relationship

  • Tools to develop and support for child's social and emotional development

  • Potty training expectations and support

  • Child's social skill development

  • Preparation for a return to work

  • Breastfeeding (also see Lactation Services HERE)

  • Processing parent(s) childhoods

  • Pending or recent adoption

  • Beginning foods and strategies for raising a healthy eater

Rate for 50-minute session with corresponding resources and guides with ongoing support between sessions: $200

Enquire about a session or to schedule, email HERE.

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